Wesley Nimon

Wesley NimonI graduated from Sewanee in 1993 and completed a Ph.D. in economics with a minor in statistics from North Carolina State University in 1999.  For eight years I worked for the Navy near Memphis as an economist and statistician where I researched the efficacy and efficiency of alternative auction formats.  My research was published in Applied Economics, a leading peer-reviewed economics journal, and informed the development of an auction the Navy implemented to match sailors to jobs.  Currently, I am a Senior Load Forecasting Specialist for the Tennessee Valley Authority, an electric utility in Chattanooga. I develop statistical models to forecast the demand for electricity a couple weeks out to thirty years in the future.  The forecasts are used to optimize across electricity generation assets in the short-run and to identify capital needs in the long-run.

I am married to a Sewanee graduate, Melissa Jennings Nimon (C'93), and we live on Signal Mountain with our three children, Thomas, Mary Claire, and Oliver.

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