Why does the health care market perform poorly? Does the minimum wage help unskilled workers?  Does free trade make countries richer or poorer? Why have some countries been slow to develop?  What are the best policies for reducing carbon emissions? Why is income inequality increasing in the U.S.? Economists attempt to answer these kinds of questions by developing models of human behavior and by analyzing real world data.

The Economics Faculty varies by age, experience, and background. With six nationalities represented among our faculty, we are truly an international faculty with a global perspective. What we share in common is a commitment to sharing our passion for economics and providing an exceptional educational experience for students. We hope students are drawn to economics because of their curiosity about understanding economic phenomena and an interest in the foremost policy issues of the day. Through the study of economics, students will acquire analytical skills, critical thinking skills and quantitative skills that are highly valued in today’s workplace. Economics majors go on to have successful careers in industry, finance, consulting, the law, public policy and education.

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Kennedy Lecture and Seminar Series
February 13, 2018
Come enjoy a lecture given by Huanan Xu of Indiana University!
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Economics Faculty Attending the Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings
November 8, 2017
On Nov. 17 to 19, 2017, economists will gather at the Southern Economics Association 87th Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida. Several of the Sewanee economics faculty will join in the discussions this year. Professors Tao Song, Brad Sturgill, Serkan Karadas, and Aaron Elrod will be giving presentations.
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Using Field Experiments to Make the World a Better Place
April 13, 2017
World renowned economist John A. List will explain ho he uses field experiments to inform economic policy. The lecture will take place in Gailor auditorium on April 18, 2017 at 4:30pm. A reception will follow. All are welcome.
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